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Game Development

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Game Development

- Here you will find games i've created -




Background music, SFX sounds

Unlockable skills such as 'DoubleJump' & 'DaggerThrow'

Loot system

NPCs have a chance of dropping loot
(such as coins, health potions, ammo, etc)

Unlock system for 8 levels, including one hidden level

You play as the last Shield Maiden, a Viking whose soul has been tainted by the dark energy that afflicted her lineage. She is unlucky, but not lacking in willpower. You must conquer each level, and with each level, you will learn a new set of skills. Your morale will increase with each monster head you mount on your stake.
Time for you to slay some monsters!


Game Development

- Unreal Engine 4/5 -
- BluePrints -

The world is filled with various treasures, but also includes some Easter eggs, such as "Idun the cat".


NPCs, Objects, Character, Platforms etc all have unique animations


Different obstacles are scattered across the world, each dealing varying amounts of damage to the player

Coin system

Each time the player collects 20 Gold Coins, they will earn an extra life. Which will be reflected in the HUD also

Quality of life

Cayote time
Mute sound
Jump from underneath a platform and get on top of it
and much, much more...


Coming soon...

Translucent - various sprites
Ability icon sprites
Tutorial Popups
Respawn system - Enemies
Check sprite sockets AI
Modify when player is allowed to attack


Main Menu
Pause Menu
Level Menu
Endgame Menu



HUD system

Health, PowerUPS, Ammo, Coin system & Ability system

Ability System


- Python -
- Pygames -
- BluePrints UE 4/5 -

Dungeon Crawler Game

Password Generator

Treasure-Island Game

- Calculator -
- Caesar-Cipher -
- Hangman Game -
- Rock-Paper-Scissors Game -
- Tip Calculator -
- Treasure-Island Game -
- Dungeon Crawler Game -
- Password Generator -
- App that suggest daily trips and activities around Murcia, Spain based on what you would like to spend that day -


I've programmed:

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